Medical Transport Containers: Key Features To Seek Out For Lab Specimens

Posted on: 30 March 2023

If you manage lab operations that involve the testing of specimens, you need to be careful with how they're transported to your testing site. Medical transport containers can help protect your specimens from contamination, fortunately. Just make sure you find containers with the following features.

Carrying Strap

In order to make a medical transport box containing specimens easier to carry, you should look for a model with a carrying strap. Then you won't have to just hold the container in your hands on the way to target destinations.

You can just put this strap around your body and then have a much more convenient time dealing with the medical transport container. Many of these straps are adjustable and come with ample cushioning too, so you can easily remain comfortable regardless of what you put inside this medical transport container.

Temperature Data Logger

If you need to transport specimens that have to remain cold in order to avoid contamination, then you should actively seek out a medical transport container that has a temperature data logger. It will actually track the temperature ranges that the container reaches throughout transportation. This way, there is full temperature traceability.

You can show that the specimens in the container remained at the appropriate range and thus can be tested without the worry of anything getting in the way. Additionally, if your transportation practices are ever audited, you'll have relevant temperature data to bring forth and help your company avoid penalties. 

Stackable Design

If you need to travel with a lot of specimens to your lab, then you may need to use multiple medical transport containers. So that you can conserve space in the vehicle that you travel in, you should look for containers with a stackable design.

Then you can put multiple containers on top of each other and save room for other equipment and resources that may be necessary for your lab's operations. Even if you stack multiple medical transport containers on top of each other, they won't be damaged or topple over. Rather, they'll remain snug thanks to the stackable design.

If you manage a lab and deal with specimen transportation, then it's a good idea to invest in some medical transport containers. As long as they have the right attributes, you can truly enjoy the impact they have on specimen transportation. 

For more information about medical sealed transport containers, contact a local supplier.