• Different Types Of Face Masks

    In recent years, face masks have transformed from a purely medical necessity to a commonplace accessory that promotes safety and health. With a plethora of choices available, it's imperative to understand the distinct differences between the various types of face masks. Surgical Masks Traditional surgical masks, typically seen in healthcare settings, serve as a physical barrier between the wearer and potential environmental contaminants. Made from several layers of synthetic material, they are designed to protect the wearer from large droplet transmissions.
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  • Medical Transport Containers: Key Features To Seek Out For Lab Specimens

    If you manage lab operations that involve the testing of specimens, you need to be careful with how they're transported to your testing site. Medical transport containers can help protect your specimens from contamination, fortunately. Just make sure you find containers with the following features. Carrying Strap In order to make a medical transport box containing specimens easier to carry, you should look for a model with a carrying strap. Then you won't have to just hold the container in your hands on the way to target destinations.
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