CPAP Tips For New Patients

Posted on: 6 December 2021

For a patient that needs to use a CPAP machine, it can be important to become familiar with these devices and the accessories that they may need to use with them. While a CPAP machine is a highly complex device, it can be easy for patients to adjust to using these devices.

Retain The Owner's Manual For Your CPAP Machine

Over the course of owning and operating the CPAP system, there may be times where you need to review the specifications for these devices. This can be especially common when needing to purchase replacement components for the system or when troubleshooting problems with it. Unfortunately, individuals will often fail to keep their CPAP owner's manual safely stored. Making sure that you store your CPAP manual somewhere safe should be a priority so that you can have it if you need to review it in the future. Some manufacturers may provide these manuals on their websites as well, but this is not always the case for every manufacturer.

Keep Commonly Needed Accessories Readily Available

There are some accessories that you will need to use on a regular basis. For example, the CPAP system will need to use air filters to remove particles from the air that is being drawn into the system. If these filters are not changed regularly, the system may burn itself out or suffer significant performance problems. Keeping enough filters available so that you can change it at the first sign of becoming coated with these substances can allow you to easily replace them. In addition to filters, hoses and replacement masks should be kept in storage to allow you to quickly swap out components to keep the unit running efficiently.

Disassemble And Clean The CPAP Machine Regularly

One of the mistakes that new CPAP machine users will make is failing to keep their system sufficiently clean. Unfortunately, this can even lead to a range of respiratory infections and other illnesses. While it is necessary to keep a CPAP system clean, this is not a process that will be particularly difficult for you to do. When cleaning the CPAP system, you should only use sanitizing agents that are designed for use with the system. Other cleaning products could potentially degrade the plastic and other components of the CPAP system. For the best results, you should at least lightly clean the CPAP system every other day and thoroughly sanitize the entire system once a week.

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