An Easy Buyers Guide For Purchasing Your First Lift Recliner

Posted on: 15 July 2021

If you have started experiencing challenges with your mobility, you should not suffer in silence. Over the years, medical equipment has evolved to a point that you can buy equipment that will complement your home rather than making it look like a hospital room. And one such piece of equipment is a lift recliner. Designed to look similar to regular seat recliners, power lift chairs have the added benefit of assisting you whenever you want to stand up. Thus, rather than struggling with getting up on your own or, in some cases, giving up altogether, your favorite chair will make this transition easier.

Nevertheless, when looking to purchase this equipment, it is inadvisable to simply pay for the first option that fits your budget. A better approach would be to shop for a lift recliner that meets your preferences. Read on for an easy buyer's guide you can use when purchasing your first lift recliner.

Which motor will be most functional?

While every lift chair is outfitted with a motor, you should know that there are two main options that you can consider – the single motor and the dual variety. Single motors function to regulate the movement of all parts of the recliner. Hence, a single motor will control the backrest, the riser, and the footrest. The dual-motor, on the other hand, will have one motor dedicate to the footrest and the riser while the second motor will regulate other features of your recliner.

In terms of cost, single motor recliners are more affordable than their dual counterparts are so if you are on a tight budget, this could be the best option for your needs. However, you should bear in mind that the dual-motor is much more versatile since you have a wider array of seating positions to choose from and this translates into enhanced comfort.

Which type of fabric will be most practical?

As stated earlier, lift recliners are designed to look similar to standard chairs so they come in an array of fabrics. Your choice of upholstery, though, will depend on several factors. Cotton fabric, for example, is comfortable so it is a popular option for individuals that prioritizes being cozy each time they settle into their chair.

Nonetheless, the main drawback of this material is that it gets dirty quickly and will need regular cleaning. If your mobility problems are severe, you could have a hard time providing this fabric the upkeep that it requires. Leather, conversely, does cost more than cotton but it is much easier to keep clean and will not require arduous maintenance. Thus, this could be a better solution for your needs.