A Few Tips To Help Your Child Use A Nebulizer

Posted on: 11 April 2018

When your child has breathing issues that require the use of a nebulizer to deliver their medicine, it can be stressful for both you and the child. You hate to see them struggling to breathe, and yet it can be hard on you to make them use the machine if they cry or carry on. The important thing to remember is that getting the proper dose of medicine will help them breathe easier, so they can continue playing or sleeping without an issue. If you try out these tips, the experience will be better for you both.

Distract Them

Instead of talking about what is going on, saying things like "You know this will help you," or "Just a few more minutes" try distracting them. Before you put on the mask or mouthpiece get out their favorite book to read or perhaps a special coloring book and crayons. You can also try playing a game or putting a puzzle together. Keep their mind off what is going on and make it a time when the two of you do something special together.

Hold the Mask/Mouthpiece

Instead of using the strap to hold the mask/mouthpiece in place, hold it yourself. If the child is old enough, allow them to hold it. Sometimes, part of the fear that a child experiences is having the thing strapped to their head. It can feel confining. While you may need to use the machine a couple of extra minutes if the mask/mouthpiece slips a bit, keeping them calm during the treatment will make the next one easier.

Let Your Child Become Comfortable with the System

If your child is not an infant, allow them to become comfortable with the system. Let them explore it, touch it, turn it on and off, and practice with the mask/mouthpiece. You can start by doing these things yourself, with the child watching. The more familiar they are with all the pieces and the sound the machine makes, the less scared they will be.

Keep in mind that if your child cries during a treatment, they will be taking deeper breaths and getting more medicine. While this is not the ideal situation, it is not a reason to turn off the machine and try again later. The crying will be more upsetting to you than it will be to them getting the medicine. However, try to calm them, so the next treatment will not be another struggle. These tips should help.

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