Protective Devices For Your Home And Your Child With CP

Posted on: 6 September 2017

Children born with cerebral palsy need a lot more protection than just the general baby-proofing devices. As your child with CP grows, and begins to use a wheelchair, you will need more and more handicapped equipment and supplies. If you want to be prepared for the future and get used to the devices you will need in advance, the following items are just some of the safety basics for living with and caring for a child with CP.

Stair Guards

Whether your child learns to move on his/her own, or relies on a wheelchair to get around, you will need stair guards. Open stairs are especially dangerous for these children. You will not only need stair guards and guard rails at the top of stairs, but also along the guard rails and banister rails. This way, your child cannot fall, get hurt, or get stuck. If you have a solid wall instead of a banister, then some of these guards are just optional.

Corner Guards

Corner guards are not guards that protect the corners of the room. They are rubberized protectors, or rather bumpers, for the edges of the doorways. Your child will bump into these once he or she begins learning how to walk or learning how to use a wheelchair. Personal injury and damage to your walls can occur if you do not protect these cornered edges. Additionally, if you have end tables, coffee tables, kitchen table, or bedroom furniture with pointed corners, you should buy protective guards for these too.

Wall Rails and Grab Bars

Wall rails also help protect the walls in your home and protect your child from harm. Wall rails give your child something to grab onto if you do any at-home physical or occupational therapy. Additionally, the wall rails help your child pull him/herself along while sitting in a manual wheelchair (if your child only has mild to moderate CP).

Grab bars are ideal in the bathroom because your child can learn to stand and help you transfer him/her to the toilet, as well as help with personal toileting cares. Additional grab bars in the shower can help you maintain your balance while you are helping bathe your child and help your child push to stand and remain in a standing position. These can be purchased, along with all of the above supplies, from a home medical supply store or therapy tools store.